www.aWalk.world is a creative-based project that aims to articulate quality insights and top-notch knowledge in different areas to help People who want to be helped, are committed to grow, and who also agree to invest in themselves. aWalk.world’s approach is 100% unconventional with a “never quit” and a “positive can-do attitude”.

aWalk.world is a comprehensive compact entailing Creativity, Tactical Visual Communication, Poetry, Values, International Relations, History, Geopolitics, Art, Design, World-Macroeconomics, Psychology, and Philosophy. 

The insights and knowledge are delivered in different formats such as online or on site courses, cohort training, digital products, online videos, and alike.

aWalk.world is an Experience of observing the World with an unconventional approach.
This experience was developed with an unconventional mindset that also includes Math,  Literature, Geography, International Finance, Management of Fear, Financial Crisis, Investments, Trading, Unconventional Communications, Trading & Fund Management,  Education, Lessons learned @ Crossfit Training, Practice & Discipline from Sport Psychology, Strategy, Tactical Visualization, and many other factors. It is a  continued experience where Art is blended with Science.

It is a dimensional “mosaic” view of the world. That Experience is called a Walk.

AWalk.world is a project that started long time ago. As a mosaic, it was shaped by many walks and lessons learned. Quotes like the ones described below were a great help to develop an unconventional mindset:

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” – Archilochus

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca

aWalk.world has an unconventional approach of observing the world; which is far different from a Groupthink view.

aWalk.world has paused the delivery of Coaching sessions and/or Customized Training until further notice .  However, in case you are interested in any specific topic covered in the site, you will be considered in new opening windows. In this regard, please send an email to:   awalk@awalk.world 

Please be concise, precise, and state clearly with maximum of 300 words the following:
1) Why do you think you need training?
2) What is “your” definition of an “unconventional mindset”?
3) What do you think you need to “un-learn” to boost your professional growth?
4) Provide an example of the level of intensity you can bear while maintaining your focus and precision in your deliveries?
5) Are you open, determined, and ready to invest in yourself?

Your message will be treated as confidential. There will be no replies to emails that do not follow the above rules. No spam emails and no solicitations will be accepted; and those email addresses will be blocked and reported to the respective responsible organizations to handle those types of communications. As your email/message or reply deems fit, you will be contacted directly at the time aWalk.world considers suitable. Expect no confirmation reply email from a aWalk.world.
The questions listed above are only for yourself.
If you consider them as “difficult to answer”, you may start thinking about “Why do you think are they difficult for you?”. Perhaps, you may also consider thinking about pursuing more training than you originally thought. Note that all the answers are very personal and can serve as a self-evaluation tool for you.

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